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MORE Opera Adult Chorus

Our training program allows participants to explore the transformative world of opera through professional level experiences in rehearsal and performance, to develop musicianship, learn about vocal technique, repertoire, and style, and performance practices. The chorus rehearses one or two times per week for six weeks prior to a performance. The singers practice in a calm and engaging rehearsal environment, and extra rehearsal time and sectionals are provided to non-readers and others who may need additional preparation. All participants are fully and sufficiently rehearsed and prepared for performance by vocal experts. Cheryl Warfield presents sectional rehearsals and individual coaching to participants who are new to opera.

Participation is open to all, with or without previous opera or choral experience who love to sing, have an interest in or curiosity about opera and desire to work together to achieve excellence in performing grand opera. The chorus is comprised of approximately 50 singers from diverse backgrounds, including music students, emerging artists, theater performers, and community members of different ages, ethnic and racial backgrounds and disciplines. New participants are accepted with each opera project via an audition that consists of the singer’s choice of song in any style or language, vocalization to determine voice type/placement and a short conversation about background and interest in opera. Participants audition only once for the chorus, but may be asked to audition again for consideration for small roles or special ensembles.

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